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These Ulu glass etching stencils are a stunning Hawaiian quilt design of breadfruit leaves and fruit, executed in a remarkable paper-cut style. The intricate pattern was meticulously hand-cut from paper, by Rubber Stamp Plantation founder/artist Debra Zeleznik. This freehand paper cut is  delicate with lacy details that evoke the artistry of traditional Hawaiian quilts. This stamp captures the essence of both Hawaiian heritage and the precision of paper-cutting, making it a unique and visually striking tool for crafts and artistic projects. 

It's easy to etch glass or glossy tiles to create fabulous gifts, vases, mugs, Christmas ornaments, candy jars and more. Turn it so that it has a diamond shape to reveal a stunning snowflake like motif to recycle, reclaim or simply doll up something glass that needs a little pizazz. 

2 inch size has 8 per pack, 4 inch size has 4 per pack