Once upon a time...Miami Heuser bought a rubber press from a retiring business stamp maker and soon enlisted Debra Zeleznik as her collaborator in chief. Every week the two of them would dump out their box of freshly made rubber stamps in a big heap on a grass mat under a tree at the Maui Swap Meet and bask in the resulting (s)warm.  

All sorts of people--all ages, all walks of life, stopped in their tracks to sit or squat, dig through their pile of promise, and talk story.  Everybody loves rubber stamps!  And so, organically their following grew to know, support and become long friends with Deb and Miami.  
As the sugar cane fields burned, the wind whipped the ash, depositing charcoal debris onto the stamps in a blessing of sorts.  That’s when the idea that became Rubber Stamp Plantation truly took root.  Those were thrilling times, tilling a fertile market, and harvesting rows of rubber stamps to feed craving souls.  Like swords into ploughshares, Rubber Stamp Plantation turned cane fields into create fields…endless rows of ripe and ready rubber stamps. If you called and got their phone message you'd hear "Aloha, we're sorry we missed your call, we're out tending our little rubber stamp patch..."
Deb and Miami’s  seemingly bottomless crop of stamps invited delightful brief encounters along with firmly rooted, long lasting relationships.  So many of their friends, their friends’ friends and families, have been a part of nurturing the growth of this small local business.
What we do…
We’re cultivators, propagators, planters, harvesters, experimenters, makers, growers, mentors, workers and creators.
Rubber Stamp Plantation is a safe, welcoming, hard working, fun, collaborative, space.
We are so much more than rubber stamps!