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Ukulele Tablature Stamp  

Our ukulele tab stamp features a compact design with lines and numbers representing frets and strings, enabling you to quickly notate ukulele music. Stamp it on your music and make a dot where your fingers go making it super simple for you to follow along and invite others to join in picking up a ukulele and play on the spot. It’s perfect for beginners as well as seasoned musicians. Keep them on hand for your friends and students! Our tab stamp comes with a pretty complete chord chart so you can start playing right away. Check out our guitar tab stamp as well. Drop is a line and let us know how it’s going!

You can also use this for mandolin, bass and any other 4 string instruments.

Say Aloha on your next project with this stamp.

This natural rubber stamp is mounted on a sustainable maple wood handle.

Approximate image size: 0.375" x 0.625"