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Our rescue pup Buddy is definitely a beach bum as long as we bring along his chucker and favorite “bacon ball”. He is so obsessed with his Hartz Durasoft ball, that we only let him play with it outside. He’s kind of a scaredy cat pup, but he’ll chase that ball anywhere. We used it to get him used to swimming in the ocean.
Now, Buddy will swim way out, into the waves (he’s only 27 lbs) to chase his squeak ball! Once he’s finally tired, he’ll lay in the sand guarding it vigilantly.

Yupper, we’re proud parents of a bone-a-Fido Beach Bum Dog!

Create aloha every day when you decorate your laptop, phone, surfboard, snowboard, kayak, water bottle, journal and any other smooth dry surface you can possibly imagine with our darling doggie decals and stickers. We use premium waterproof vinyl that's weatherproof, waterproof and can even go through a carwash or dishwasher. 

We make Hawaiian Island Decals, and most of our other products in our little Rubber Stamp Shack in sweet Kalihi, on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. All of our designs are our original artwork. Keep an eye out for more to come!