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When you come to visit us at our workshop in Kalihi, you may be greeted by an excited bark or two. Many of you met Nancy, the matriarch Westie and her daughter Emily. Just days after Emily passed (18), we were chosen to adopt 2 year old Westie Dixie.  She’s now Buddy’s best buddy.  The two are inseparable, living the rascal life of rescue terriers.

Create aloha every day when you decorate your laptop, phone, surfboard, snowboard, kayak, water bottle, journal and any other smooth dry surface you can possibly imagine with one of our darling pet and doggie decals and stickers. We use premium waterproof vinyl that's weatherproof, waterproof and can even go through a car wash or dishwasher. 

We make Hawaiian Island Decals, and most of our other products in our little Rubber Stamp Shack in sweet Kalihi, on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. All of our designs are our original artwork. Keep an eye out for more to come!