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This mountain and ocean pattern tattoo is one of our most popular. You can cut up a sheet and share it with friends for a really fun activity. Best part is it lasts for 3-7 days, and you can change it up to go with your mood and outfits. Al though temporary, they look like real!  They're fun, easy to apply, and can last for up to a week. Combine them with our other sheets of temporary tattoos to create your own personal story and body decor.

They’re a great stocking stuffer and party favor. Perfect rainy or sunny day activity for all ages. Get some for your next dinner party or celebration. It’s lots of fun sharing and putting them on with friends and family.

They last in salt water, and cone off a little sooner in chlorine.

Our temporary tattoos are inspired by traditional Hawaiian and Polynesian tattoos. The art is as dynamic as are the folks who engage in the process, which is an exquisite and deeply personal journey.  

Removes easily with baby oil. 

For bands and longer tattoos, cut strips and apply end to end. Each sheet is approximately 4"x6".