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Peace begins with me…in our homes, in our relationships, in line at the grocery. We hope this Hibiscus Peace symbol will bring a smile and inspire the ripple effect of peace, empathy, serenity and aloha. We all make a difference in the tiniest ways.  

Sunsets, tropical drinks, sandy toes and voluptuous hibiscus blooms transport you immediately to the blue skies and clear waters of the Hawaiian Islands. The beauty of the hibiscus flower is truly a sight to behold. 

Choose your favorite colors: Red/Black, Red, Fuchsia/Black, Fuchsia, Teal/Black, Teal, Green/Black, Green, Pink/Black, Pink, Blue/Black, Blue, Yellow/Black and Black. 

Create aloha every day when you decorate your laptop, phone, surfboard, snowboard, kayak, water bottle, journal and any other smooth dry surface you can possibly imagine!  We use premium waterproof vinyl that's weatherproof, waterproof and can even go through a dishwasher. 

We make Hawaiian Island Decals, and most of our other products in our little Rubber Stamp Shack in sweet Kalihi, on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. All of our designs are our original artwork. Keep an eye out for more to come!