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Carve your own stamps and artwork with Speedball’s Speedy-Carve Blocks which are designed for relief printmaking. Try them! They’re so much easier than carving traditional linoleum blocks, which are quite hard.

These sheets of carvings”rubber” are large enough to print on fabric for quilting, cards, tote bags, zipper pouches, and can be easily cut into smaller sizes to meet all your  needs..   

The soft, putty-like surface, and is designed for use with lino-cutting, rubber carving, and other blade/xacto knife tools. They’re also flexible, so they can be used to print onto flat or curved surfaces.

Think “backwards” or imagine a mirror image of your design. As in lino-cutting, the desired design is cut in reverse into the surface of the block with carving tools, gouges or knives, so that it will print the inverse/positive/mirror of what you carved.  

Water-soluble or oil-based ink can be used with a brayer. You can print onto paper or fabric, in a press or by hand. Latex-free.

Dimensions: 4x6 in/10x15 cm

Thickness: 0.6 cm